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Fight or Flight? Possibly the scariest moment of my life

Have you ever wondered if you were brave? You think about a scary situation and wonder if you could be that person that sees an accident and runs in to assist. You see someone drowning, would you be brave enough to pull them out and perform cpr? I had a situation last summer that if you were to ever ask me if I was brave enough to conquer it I would have blatantly told you no and grabbed my kids and ran. Here was my situation:
Last summer the boys and I took a trip up to my parents’ house in the Poconos of Pennsylvania. My parents live in a beautiful 3 story house and the basement is what you would call an in-law suite. At the very bottom of the stairs to your right is a small kitchen area that consists of a stove/oven, sink and mini fridge. My parents moved into this house when I was in college, so this was not the house I grew up in. The stove in the in-law suit never worked according to my dad. In fact, when he rented out that space tenants would use a hot plate because the stove …
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Please for the love of all things holy....use the damn potty :)

April 17, 2018

Ok, I am going to be very honest here. You know that point in toddler hood where your child is supposed to use this thing called the potty? Well, my child has completely missed that memo.

Thank goodness I have one twin that is potty trained because if I just had Mason I would feel like I have failed as a parent. Are you ready for it?  MASON IS STILL IN DIAPERS! He is FOUR years old! I know kids who are just turning two that are going to the bathroom on the potty. I am starting to get that anxiety of going out in public and people finding out.

 If your a parent you know that feeling; everyone is standing around watching their kids run around and then one person brings it up and you have one mom who is like, "Oh ya, my perfect little Jimmy Joe was peeing on the potty at 9 months, wiping himself and then strapping his own diaper on." Then you have the next mom who has to one up the first mom. I am not a bragger, in fact, I want to be the mom that just lays all th…

Long overdue update!

Hello! It has been a couple years since my last post and lets just say the boys are 4 years old, in PreK and crazy as ever. Since moving to Florida back in 2015 we have been living the life. We take a lot of trips to Disney World, Busch Gardens and love watching all the wild life in our back yard.

At around 22 months my husband noticed the boys were not talking as well as they should have been. I, honestly, thought he was over reacting and was told that boys talk later than girls. Luckily, we found a state program that evaluated the boys and indeed they were developmentally delayed and was told they could start school full time as soon as they turned 3 years old. I was so excited for them, but sad that my time at home with them was ending. Actually, I take that back. I was ready for them to start. I wasn't really sad. I think I was sad at the idea, but we were all ready for something new. I hate to admit that I was ready for them to go to school, but the truth is I knew they were …

When you can't make the choice...

Hi everyone!

It has been a very long time since I have blogged and I have missed it terribly. I have been pondering lately on what I should write about and it finally hit me the other day.  I am at the point with the boys where if I didn't struggle with fertility treatments we would probably be getting ready to have another child.
As I was standing in the kitchen the other night I watched the boys wrestle and I could not believe how big they are getting. It hit me that we are no longer in the baby stage. We are talking, getting ready to potty train, drinking from big boy cups, carrying our plates to the table, learning to walk without the stroller and so forth.  We are growing up! I always wonder what it would be like to have a little girl or what my boys would be like as big brothers.

Living in a new area people are not aware of our past fertility struggles and I often get asked if we will be trying for more.  I usually don't bring up our past and continue with, "possibl…

We are in Florida!

Good morning! I just wanted to update everyone on the boys. We are 16 months old, we babble nonstop, we eat EVERYTHING, we LOVE the beach, we dance every time we hear music and we are quite the travelers.

We have been in Florida for three weeks now and will finally be moving into our house on Saturday. I have to say the boys have adapted the Florida lifestyle pretty well. I wasn't quite sure how they would like the sand and water, but they are like little fish. When we get to the beach they can barely contain themselves and when loose they are all over the beach. They run right into the water and begin splashing, chasing se
agulls and building sand castles.

Last night I sat down and got lost in my blog. It took me 45 min to read from the beginning up until now. I still can't believe we went through so much. I feel like it was another lifetime ago. I don't even feel like it was my life. When I read about Chase and Cayden I get sad, but I can't help but think about the t…

It's been two years since Chase and Cayden.

Wow, my last blog was in March! I apologize for not writing more often. I have been a little busy ;). Mason and Maddox are now 1 years old and does time fly. I still can't believe what we have today. I was reading my blog and it seems like another lifetime ago we went through fertility treatments, Chase and Cayden and the rough pregnancy we had with Mason and Maddox. The last few days I have been on high emotion. This is a hard time for us. As exciting as it is with the boys, I still always have my other little boys in mind.

To think two years ago on the 22nd I was almost six months along with Chase and Cayden. Finally! we had babies and two coming into this world. The shots in the stomach, constant monitoring and endless pregnancy tests later we had babies! Never in a million years would I have thought something bad would happen. In my mind we went through the rough patch. Going through the heartache of infertility was painful enough and how would God put us through anymore. We w…

We are surviving :)

Hey everyone! 
I am finally sitting down to blog, of course with one baby on my 
Things have been going really well.  Mason has been home a little over a month and Maddox has been home for 2 weeks! I can't even believe how fast it is going. In the beginning getting them to sleep at night was a doozy, but as of the last few nights they are doing pretty good. We are starting to get a good routine down. At night we do the three "B's". Bath, bottle, bed!  Luckily, the boys love being in the bath, but can definitely tell when they are being taken out. They hate leaving the tub and Maddox will let you know he is being tortured by this death screams, lol. The boy has some set of lungs on him. After our bath we get changed into our jammies and we drink our bottle and usually Mason is passed out before he even finishes and he is down for good. Maddox is my little night owl and takes a bit more time to go down. He is usually talking and laughing and mommy and daddy …